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Play Background Music on the Xbox One

Play Background Music

Got a particular media app playing music that you want to keep going even if you visit another app on the Xbox One?

You could Snap it, but if it's Pandora or Groove—the main apps to support this feature—you don't even have to Snap.

Start the audio station and then leave it to visit some other areas of the interface: the music continues on.

To pause or stop it or change the volume or skip to a new track, double-tap the Xbox button on the controller; you'll find music controls at the top of the Multitasking tab on the Xbox Guide pane.

Or, Snap the music app so the controls always be available without having to go launch the app separately.

If you've got a drive full of music you'd rather play, put the files in a folder called "Xbox Music Library" and grab the app called Simple Background Music Player from the App Store.

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