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The Ghost Recon - Wildlands NEWS IS HERE !!!

The Ghost Recon - Wildlands open beta now has a scheduled date!! It will run from February 23 through to February 27 on Xbox one, Playstation 4, and PC system. Preloading begins on February 21.

A tiny bit of what to expect from the open Beta.


The open beta includes everything from the closed beta, as well as more content in the form of a province called Montuyoc. Set in the Bolivian Altiplano region.

This province will have heavily defended strongholds where the Santa Blanca cartel trains some of its toughest men. Santa Blanca is the drug cartel that players are trying to destroy with in the game, Given any means necessary you can quietly insert into the objective eliminate the enemy and sneak out without being seen or heard, or you could do it the other way and go in guns blazing!!


People who took part in the closed beta or try the open beta will receive access to the "Unidad Conspiracy," which contains three "exclusive" missions that will be available when the game comes out. Details are light now, but Ubisoft said these missions will involve a "brewing conflict between the local Unidad military and the Santa Blanca." Note that you need to buy the retail version of Wildlands and play it before March 31 on the same Ubisoft account as the beta to get the missions.


The Wildlands open beta was first discussed during a Ubisoft earnings call in November 2016. Earlier this month, Ubisoft confirmed the beta as part of another earnings call.

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